Fujitsu MAP3367NP hard drive specifications

Fujitsu Enterprise MAP3367NP 36.7 GB Ultra320 SCSI Hard Drive

The Fujitsu MAP series disk drives deliver industry leading performance and set uncompromising standards, with capacity points up to 147 GB and an average seek time of 4.5 ms. Technology ownership enables the Fujitsu group to control every aspect of the product, including initial design, key components, critical processes, final assembly and test. The Fujitsu group's expertise in key components and strong commitment to excellence work together to produce products that deliver not only outstanding performance and reliability, but also low overall cost of ownership. Higher areal density improves reliability by reducing the total number of platters and read/write heads (moving parts) required to achieve a given capacity. Additional benefits to lower head and platter counts include improved performance and reductions in power consumption, acoustic noise, and cost per MB. The Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF) specification of 1, 200, 000 hours results in long term reliable operation. The MAP series disk drives provide outstanding storage performance for computing platforms such as workstations, network file servers and enterprise servers. A rotation speed of 10, 025 RPM reduces the average rotational latency to 2.99 ms. Minimizing rotational latency and seek time are the key factors that improve system response time in demanding transaction processing applications such as banking, POS and/or reservation systems. The MAP series disk drives achieve an amazing 107 MB/s peak internal data transfer rate, providing a superior solution for the most demanding digital audio/video applications such as non-linear editing and playback systems. Advanced interfaces such as Ultra320 SCSI and FC-AL2 provide up to 320MB/s and 212.5MB/s host data transfer rates, respectively. The MAP series disk drives pack up to a phenomenal 147GB in a 1-inch high form factor.

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HDD Part Number

Hard drive health monitoring software
ActiveSMART by Ariolic Software. Click to download ActiveSMART


Device Type
Hard drive - Internal hard drive

4 in

5.7 in

1 in

1.7 lbs

Hard Drive

Form Factor

36.7 GB

Interface Type
Ultra320 SCSI

68 pin HD D-Sub

SCSI Signaling Type
Low Voltage Differential (LVD)

Buffer Size
8 MB

Ball-Bearing Technology (BB) motor, Giant magnetoresistive (GMR) head technology


Drive Transfer Rate
320 MBps

Internal Data Rate
107.8 MBps

Seek Time
4.5 ms (average) / 10 ms (max)

Track-to-Track Seek Time
0.3 ms

Average Latency
2.99 ms

Spindle Speed
10000 rpm


Mean time before failure
1,200,000 hour(s)

Storage Hard Drive / Non-Recoverable Errors
1 per 10^15

Seek Errors
10 per 10^8

Start / Stop Cycles

Storage Controller


Expansion / Connectivity

1 x Ultra320 SCSI - 68 pin HD D-Sub (HD-68)

Compatible Bays
1 x Internal - 3.5" x 1/3H

Compatible Slots
x None


Power Device

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support
5 years warranty

Service & Support Details
Limited warranty - Replacement - 5 years

Environmental Parameters

Min Operating Temperature
41 �F

Max Operating Temperature
131 �F

Humidity Range Operating
5 - 95%

Shock Tolerance
65 g @ 2ms half-sine pulse (operating) / 200 g @ 2ms half-sine pulse (non-operating)

Vibration Tolerance
1 g @ 20-300 Hz (operating) / 5 g @ 20-300 Hz (non-operating)

Sound Emission
34 dB

Max Altitude Operating
9840 ft